Josh McDaniels praises Cam Newton’s leadership

Josh McDaniels praises Cam Newton’s leadership

Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels says Cam Newton has provided exactly the kind of leadership a team wants from its veteran quarterback.

“I think Cam’s a tremendous example of what a leader is supposed to be,” McDaniels said, via the Boston Herald. “Leadership isn’t easy. Being up front, playing quarterback in the National Football League is certainly a challenge. There’s a lot of highs and lows that you’re going to experience. Cam, he’s never wavered from his work ethic, from his attitude, from the way he approaches practice, the effort he gives on a daily basis.”

This season hasn’t been as successful as the Patriots are accustomed to, but McDaniels said Newton does everything right.

“I think his accountability, his ability to take responsibility for the good and the bad I think has been a great example for all of our guys on our team to see,” said McDaniels. “He’s really a joy to coach. I look forward to continuing the process.”

The 4-5 Patriots face an uphill battle for Newton to lead them to the playoffs.