You’ll be able to transfer your existing Spider-Man saves to PS5’s remaster after all

You’ll be able to transfer your existing Spider-Man saves to PS5’s remaster after all

Developer Insomniac has changed its stance on Spider-Man saves, and will now provide PS4 players with the means to transfer their progress to PlayStation 5’s upcoming Remastered edition as part of a future update.

Initially, Insomniac told Spider-Man players that their existing PS4 saves would be incompatible with the new PS5-only Remastered version – which will be made available to those that purchase or upgrade to the new £70 Ultimate edition of Spider-Man: Miles Morales – meaning they would need to start the experience again from scratch.

In a new message posted to Twitter, however, Insomniac announced a change of heart. “We have heard you,” it wrote, “in an upcoming update for #SpiderManPS4, we will add the ability to export your save to Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered.” The update is currently expected to launch around Thanksgiving, several weeks after Remastered’s arrival as a PS5 launch title.

Existing players that don’t want to wait, can either start the Remastered version afresh – admiring Spidey’s Tom-Holland-esque makeover as they do – or continue with their current save via PlayStation 4 backward-compatibility until the save compatibility update arrives.

Insomniac has also revealed its Thanksgiving update will bring Spider-Man Remastered’s three PS5-exclusive Spidey outfits – including the Arachnid Rider and Armoured Advanced Suits – over to the PlayStation 4 version.

Spider-Man: Remastered includes the base game and its expansion content, as well as improved visuals, audio, and performance. Digital Foundry recently took a closer look at one of its most notable additions – raytracing – ahead of the game’s imminent release alongside PS5.